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Jun 7 2018, 04:33 PM
Sorry guys, been in the hospital again. Im home now but still not doing amazing (had blood clots in my lungs - we don't know why), but we will get to applications soon and I will be working on catching up again. <3
May 21 2018, 02:04 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not on this list and you feel it should be (even if you already know the answer) please post it below and we'll get it added!

Account Creation

No, OOC accounts are a special benefit for those who have contributed to the site by purchasing site credits through the Credit Shop. You may, however, still link subaccounts to whatever you choose to use as your Main account.

Please write your character's name in normal caps, i.e. Bob Smith. Make sure to check the Who's Who to make sure you are not using names that are already taken or too similar to existing names on the board. If you decide to change your character's name, just go to My Controls > Change Name.

Character Creation

You can create two characters to begin with. After that, you may create one new character each month, or purchase a Character Slot from the Site Store for 5000c.

More to be added soon!
May 18 2018, 03:00 PM
Hey guys!

So I've only gotten a couple of plots ideas and they are awesome, but I'd really love to have *at least* 5 ideas before I put them up for a vote, so I'd love for more of you to PM me with your thoughts (please send via PM, not Discord).

Keep the following in mind:

* The plot MUST be inclusive for all players on the board to participate in it if they want to with characters of any member group

* The plot MUST allow for players to NOT participate if they don't want to, while still being a part of the same timeline. For example, our last big plot was a natural disaster so anyone who didn't want to participate only had to say their character was not affected by the disaster.

* The plot CANNOT center around your own character or any player's character. It should be entirely equal-opportunity. This means it can't take place at your character's home or business, or where they are in any way the center of it.

* We may adjust your plot slightly to make it fit the board rules and requirements prior to putting it up for a vote. However, we may allow you to be involved in organizing as necessary, so just let us know if you're interested in helping with any organization that may be necessary (though the less organization needed, beyond individual plotting, the better).

I'd love to put these up for a vote Monday, so get them to me soon!
Apr 28 2018, 12:09 PM
Hey Everyone!

Pherros and I have noticed that recently there seems to be a growing tension on the board that stems from more than just losing 1 out of 5 site Discord channels. We obviously want the board to be a fun escape and a relaxing place for everyone, not somewhere that causes tension and frustration, so I want to do my best to address the sources of frustration that we know of, and to encourage you to either PM us or come to use through Discord with any frustrations you have.

Discord: I know a lot of people liked the chatroom on Discord and I understand it was more convenient for mobile users. However, it did cause the cbox to go dead for up to a day at a time and there would be hundreds of messages in discord in that time. Attempts to remind people to use both failed multiple tries. Now, while Discord users see this only as an inconvenience, there were also members who much preferred cbox or who don't use Discord. Discord was never meant to replace the cbox and when I put it up only a couple of months ago, I specifically said it was an optional tool and that I never wanted members to feel like they had to use it to remain social on the site. Unfortunately, we had gotten to the point where members had to be in Discord to be social on the site. Perhaps in time I will navigate back to it, or there may be other options I look into, but for now I am leaving things how they are. Please respect my decision and understand it is what I feel is best for the RPG right now.

Applications: New and Pending applications are taking a long time to get to right now and we know it. We can point to other RPGs and point out that some take 2 weeks sometimes to get to, which we pretty much never do (unless going through a complicated back and forth pending process), but that doesn't really matter. I don't want you guys having to wait forever for your apps to be processed and so we will be trying to cut those times down because we understand your frustration and don't want you to feel that way.

That said, we do ask for your patience. Both of us have a LOT to deal with in our real lives and applications take a LOT of time and energy. Doing 3-4 apps usually takes us no less than 2 hours. Sometimes a single application takes a full hour and if it was pended, it can take even longer. We spend hours each week working on admin things for a site we often can barely find time to actually RP on ourselves. So we agree that apps shouldn't be taking so long, but also we ask that you understand that we have a lot on our plates and apps probably won't be done nearly as quickly as they might be on a site run by college students or other people with a ton of free time. We ARE trying though, and we do want to make this the best experience we can.

Changes: I love change. I would renovate and update the way things are done on the site every six months if i thought I could get away with it because I always have new ideas and ways I think things could be done just a leeeeetle better. But, I know RPers HATE change. This is evidenced by the heavy-hitting response Pherros and I receive every time we change something, whether it be as small as removing a single discord channel or as big as the massive species changes we made a few years ago. We know that every change affects someone and that for every couple of people who like the change, there is always someone who REALLY hates it. It's unfortunate, but can't be helped.

So, because I know RPers hate change, I have done by best to change as little as possible over the years. I haven't even changed the skin and it killlsss me. haha But sometimes we have to update something, fix something, try something new, or remove something that people may have liked because we believe it's not in the best interest of the site. Again, we ask only for your understanding that sites have to adapt and change over time in order to stay afloat and that sometimes those changes might feel like some kind of attack, but that is absolutely never what we're going for.

Your Voice: It is important to us to know what our members are thinking. This doesn't mean that because some people feel passionately about something that we will change our minds, but we do listen and we definitely talk about and consider your thoughts and ideas. We just ask that you come to us via PM or in the asktheadmins channel in discord (or DM in Discord) rather than venting frustrations in the cbox or elsewhere, because we are only human and that immediately makes us feel like we have to defend ourselves, rather than being able to really listen to what you have to say. We are just people and RPers like you, doing our best to make this site a good, fun, friendly place for everyone.

Now, the fun part?

It feels like it's been a tense few months and I'm not entirely sure why, or if I'm projecting because these have been some of the most stressful times of my life in real life and everything feels bigger and more intense and more of a Big Deal than it might otherwise. Because of that I wanted to do some fun things for all of us and remind you guys that we do care about you, that literally the RPG couldn't exist without you, and that even though we're always kind of stressed and trying to find time to manage everything, we love the site, RPing on here, and RPing with you or we wouldn't do it.

An Event: We havent done one for a couple of years but the last one was a ton of fun. I'd love for people to PM or DM us with some of your ideas. We'll pick some of our favorites and put them up for everyone to vote on for what we do, so be thinking of some things that would affect the site as a whole (but gives a little leeway for those who wish not to participate to be able to do so). Our last event involved a massive natural disaster on Xenedria that killed people, got people separated from slaves/masters, destroyed buildings and homes, etc. We don't want to repeat that same idea, but it gives you an idea of the scale we're going for. We will start this one ASAP, so get your ideas to us as soon as possible. Also, just like the last one, this will be an Exclusive Event, meaning only the people on the board during the event and actively RPing it will be able to use it in their backgrounds and plots.

The Lair & Auctions: I've been promising this a long time and I still can't deliver it today, especially because I still have so much going on in RL, but I am working on them and will try to get these updated and going again soon. (I know what I'm going to do with the lair, but if you have ideas for the auctions, feel free to shoot them at me!)

New Species: This is already in the works, but once I get settled in a new place, and stable with my job and the publishing company, I plan to tackle opening up new species and getting ones we have sitting on the backburner up for everyone to play!

2for1! The 2 for 1 credit promotion went really well and people seemed to really like the chance to get double the credits for your dollar. For that reason I am opening up the sale again temporarily. From now until Saturday, May 5th (Happy Cinco de Mayo!), credits will be 2 for 1 again. I probably won't do this again for awhile, so make sure that if you're planning to get something soon you take advantage of it!
Apr 11 2018, 03:27 PM
It's that time of year that all of the site fees and premiums come due and so it seemed like a good time for a credit sale! From now until Sunday at midnight Eastern Standard Time, you will earn twice as many credits per dollar spent.

That means that for the duration of the sale, $10 will get you 200,000 credits, $20 will get you 400,000 credits, and so on. So if you've been looking at a fancy new forum for your character's mansion or ship or business, or if there is a species you've been wanting to make but haven't earned the credits for yet, now's the time to get them!

Visit the Credit Shop for more details about buying credits!
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