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 Posted: Nov 10 2014, 02:30 AM
- Admin -
PM if you need me. I check PM far more often than I hang around the cbox and you're likely to get me faster. I do not use Skype any more.


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guarding the heavens
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  • Member Age. You MUST be 18 years old to join and RP on this site due to mature content.
  • Guidelines Around the Site. Not all rules are written here as several apply only to specific areas of the site. All official guidelines around the site must also be followed.
  • Ratio. Because this is a Master/slave site, you must have at least one active* Master or slave for every neutral character that you create after your first.
  • Multiple Characters. A player may make their first two characters at any time. After that they may only make 1 new character per month that they have been on the site, or may purchase a character slot from the site store for 5000 credits.
  • Character Cap. Our current character cap is 32 characters.
  • Canon Characters. This is an original character site, so all characters must be of your own creation. While they may be lightly influenced from canon sources, if they are similar enough to be recognizable they will not be approved.
  • Character Names. Characters cannot use the name of any other well known character from a fandom or something clearly taken from a fandom. Names should reflect the species the character comes from when possible, which means we will not allow obvious human names for alien species and alien names cannot be slightly misspelled humans names (i.e. Roz, Aymi, Tyellur, etc.) or be shortened to human names as nicknames (Rosexla [Rose], Amijav [Ami], etc). Names are fun to make up, so have fun with them! Where else can you keysmash and get away with it? http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  • Unique Names. Characters may not have the same first or last name as any other character on the site unless they are related to that character. This also applies to nicknames and shortened forms of longer names.
  • Character Age. Characters on this site MUST be 18+, no exceptions. No characters, not even NPCs, may be written that are not over 18.
  • Mature Threads. This is a mature board protected by age restrictions, however we still require that you mark Mature threads in the title with an [X] for explicit sexual content, a [V] for graphic violence, or an [XV] for both. Trigger/Content warnings should be between QUOTE tags at the top of the first post of the thread.
  • Consent. Although characters may not consent to what happens to them, players must always have consent from other players. No players have to do anything they are not comfortable with regardless of IC circumstance.
  • Death and Illness. Characters may get sick and/or die or be killed on this RPG, however only with the consent of their players.
  • Children. Children may be referenced, but may not exist in any played scene on Xenedria, even in passing or in the background.
  • Original Species. Once an original species is approved, it becomes a part of the site canon and thus it is available for the use of the Xenedria RPG and its members even if the creator leaves the site.
  • Inactivity. Accounts that have not created an IC post in 90 days will be deleted. Please make sure you are posting at least once a month with each of your characters to avoid having any on the inactive list as we do not give warnings. Keep in mind that OOC posts do NOT count.
    Players must wait 30 days to re-apply with a deleted character. (They may, however, apply with new characters)
  • Masters/slaves. Masters may buy, sell, and trade slaves as they see fit, including returning them to the pens at any time, with or without player approval. Masters DO have to get consent from slave players prior to selling them to any other players however.
  • Master Inactivity. Because slaves are often dependent on their masters for threads, inactive Master characters can make it very difficult to play a slave anywhere but AU threads. Therefore, if a master goes more than 14 days without replying to a slave's thread, the slave may request to be put back up for sale without having to communicate with the master.
  • Avatars. Avatars must be 250x400px and visually represent your character, whether it is a real photo or art of some kind. Avatars must also display the full characteristics of the species and may not crop out highly important elements such as horns or wings.
  • Signatures. Signatures may not be larger than 500x200px in order to keep the board from stretching and looking neat. Also, signatures may not be moving images or gifs as those are distracting when trying to read posts.
  • Images. All images must visually represent your character. That means that if your character is blue, images of them must be blue. If their hair is white, images of them must show their hair as white. The one and only exception to this is gifs used in the small 222x100 space when you hover, as it's a huge pain to manip gifs.
  • Rotating Images. Members may not use image rotators for their avatars or signatures.
  • Sexual images. Sexually images may only be posted in threads marked with NSFW in the title and must be hidden under spoiler tags. They may not be used on applications, as avatars, or in signatures or gifs.
*Active refers to at least one post per week.

This post has been edited by Jace: Sep 17 2017, 07:06 PM
 Posted: Jul 27 2017, 11:16 AM
- Executive Moderator -
PM me as needed with extra updates [not otherwise posted] to any of the lists!


Time Lord
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Battlestar Galactica
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C-box Rules

Listed below are Xenedria's C-box Rules. If you have any questions about the rules, please post below and a member of the staff will answer it ASAP. Those found breaking the rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis as the situation will be reviewed by admins and mods. Also, please make sure you've checked the RPG Info Forum to see if the information you need is there.
  • Respect
    It is expected that everyone will respect one another in the cbox. Sexual or offensive remarks will not be tolerated. Please also do not argue or fight in the cbox. This also includes respecting others around you, meaning that explicit conversation or spamming the cbox with plot conversations, graphic or sexual conversations, posting gross or offensive things, etc. are not appropriate for the cbox. Please take such discussions to private messages.
  • Plotting
    It is quite all right, if not encouraged, to use the c-box for casual plotting. If someone plots with you in the c-box, consider it hypothetical until an actual thread is made. More in depth plotting should be taken to PMs or IMs, however, as we do not want the c-box flooded with two people plotting back and forth. Do not pressure others to plot with you.
  • Posting/Threading
    In the same vein as above, do not pressure others to post for you or reply to you. Even passive or joking comments are considered pressuring (for example: *hopes to get a reply soon*). So is reminding someone that you are waiting on a reply from them when you see them or when they mentioning working on posts.
  • Applications
    Once applications are posted or marking Complete after pending, staff is aware of them. Please do not poke staff in the cbox or casually remind them that your application is ready.
  • Role-Playing
    The cbox is not for RPing, it's for conversation. A short bit of back and forth is fine, so long as it doesn't continue for long and isn't disrupting conversations (and also meets the other rules defined here).
  • Public Displays of Affection (PDA)
    Please do not show excessive forms of intimate public displays of affection in the cbox. Simple things like *hugs*, *tackles*, or *snuggles* are fine, but getting into things like *pulls into lap*, *nuzzles*, or *strokes their hair* is not acceptable. Even if someone seems okay with it, they may not be and even if they are, chances are no one else wants to read it. Please keep such things to private conversations.
  • Lewd or Explicit Content/Discussions
    While this is an 18+ board, adult topics are expected to spring up every so often. However, do not make comments or carry on discussions in the c-box which could be considered lewd or explicit in nature. This includes discussion of X or V threads as well as talking about what certain characters may want to do to other characters.
  • Guests
    If a guest comes into the c-box, behave! Do not 'talk over them' by continuing to run your conversation over them. Talking over them makes them feel left out and that they can't get a word in or get the help they seek. Take the time to be friendly and welcoming to guests, but never harass them to join the site, take your want ad, etc.
  • Plotting with Guests/New Members
    It is great to be welcoming and friendly with guests, and to offer to RP with their new characters. Do not, however, suggest masters or slaves for them. Give them time to apply, be accepted, and look around before asking if they want to do a long-term plot with you. They are brand new and saying no on a site is hard anyway, but especially so when you are new and don't know anyone. This can make them feel pressured into a plot they may not actually be interested in. Saying something like, "Once you get approved and settled, if you think you might be interested in plotting with this character, let me know!" That way they know you're interested, but don't feel like they have to say yes.
  • Trolls
    If trolls enter the c-box, do not feed them, do not play with them, try not to engage them at all. Please inform the c-box mod or an admin, Antares or Pherros, and they will handle the situation.
  • Religion and Politics
    It doesn't belong in the c-box. Take it out. Don't do it.
  • Spoilers
    No spoilers for off-site media in the c-box, ever. This includes, but is not limited to: movies, books, video games, and comics. If there is a thread going on, do not reveal plot spoilers until all participants of said thread have gotten a chance to read it.
  • Personal Information and Pictures
    Do not share any personal information (such as full name, telephone number, address) in the c-box. Likewise, do not share personal photos of you or your family, especially ones that have your face in them. Please take this sharing to PMs or off-site messenger/emails.
  • Links
    Please give all links you leave in the c-box a label. Example: Youtube video, music, SFW, NSFW, gif. NSFW is absolutely mandatory, SFW is strongly suggested, and the rest are simply helpful.
  • Advertising
    Do not advertise or mention other RPGs in the cbox. This is just general RPG cbox etiquette.
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