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 Frequently Asked Questions, Ask Away!
 Posted: Dec 16 2014, 09:28 PM
- Admin -
PM or Discord if you have questions or need me for anything. ^_^


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Frequently Asked Questions!

Below we have included some of the most commonly asked questions. If you do not see your an answer to your question, please post it below and a member of the staff will answer it ASAP. Also please make sure you've checked the RPG Info Forum to see if the information that you need is there.

Before Joining
    Character Creation
    • If I have a reason (genetic condition, mixed race/species, freak accident, etc.) can my alien character have a paler or human skin tone/physical traits?
      This is a hard no for me. I do not allow people to alter the physical traits of a species for any reason. If the species is said to have a skin tone, then that is the tone they must have.
    • Why am I not allowed to do something I've seen other people with approved characters do?
      The site is fluid, changing and adapting based on need and on problems that spring up. Sometimes a major change was made and therefore characters before it were held to different requirements than others. Sometimes it's something like names or physical alien traits where we've grown increasingly more strict as time goes on. As an admin you sometimes make exceptions the first or second time you see something, but when you get the fourth and fifth you realize you need to stop because they aren't exceptions, they are becoming a norm you never wanted.

      Feel free to ask if you see something you think is unfair. We're only human and make mistakes. Also there are two of us that approve apps, so sometimes we see things differently without meaning to. We're never purposely unfair, so we'll always look into things if you think there is a problem.
    Existing Member
    • Is there a limit on the amount of slaves we can own?
      Nope! You can own as many as you can afford and keep up RPing with.
    • Does this board have a set time line?
      No. This board moves in fluid and relative time. By that I meant that you can basically say it's whatever time of year you like, and that the only restrictions are relative to one another.
    • Is there any typical phrases that should be well known or popular, like certain way curses play out (damn the stars? Eat rocket fuel? Go stick your head up the black hole that is your arse)?
      No, but there should be. Someone go make up a bunch of alien-sounding phrases for Standard. haha As far as species go, you can make up what you want. I often look at whatever kind of religion or social structure they have and come up with things from that.
    • What is legal/Illegal on Xenedria?
      Drugs, slavery, weapons trade, prostitution, and abuse/murder of one's own slaves are completely legal and accepted. Theft of other people's property, kidnapping free people and making them slaves, and violence/abuse/murder of anyone who is not your own slave are illegal.
    • What is the government on Xenedria like?
      Xenedria has a loose, autonomous government that primarily exists with those that keep Xenedria running from up top and a light "police" force that are fairly unfazed by that which goes on on the planet and don't give much of a shit, even about those things that [i]are illegal. It's hit and miss as to whether or not someone will get away with those things. Usually it's 'miss'. [/i]
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