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 Credit Claim
 Posted: Dec 16 2014, 05:03 AM
- Admin -
PM if you need me. I check PM far more often than I hang around the cbox and you're likely to get me faster. I do not use Skype any more.


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Claiming Wordcount Credits
    We are now working on a credit per word system, so for every In-Character you write in roleplay posts, you will receive 1 credit. Unfortunately jcink does not have an automatic system to do this in place and there are no mods. We could do it by post count, but I feel that's a much less fair system. Word count is much more fair because those who write shorter posts tend to post more often, therefore they even out nicely with those who write more per post.

    Unfortunately this also means that there is going to be a little bit of effort both on the players and the staff's parts in order to make it work. It should never take more than a few minutes if you follow the steps outlined below.

    Also, if you don't care about credits, you are welcome to just not bother with it and not turn anything in for them.

    Don't forget that AU threads no longer gain any credits and cannot be claimed.
Calculating Credits
The easiest way to calculate credits is to do the following.
  1. Every time you finish a post, glance at the word count underneath the text box and write that number at the bottom of your post before you submit it. IMPORTANT: Posts MUST have the wordcount at the bottom to count. This is so we can spot check them. If you aren't putting the numbers, you aren't getting credit.
  2. When a thread is ready to be archived (whether because it is complete or abandoned), go through and quickly add up all of the wordcounts for your own posts using a calculator.
      NOTE: Because archiving threads affects more than one person, you and any partners must agree that it's complete or being abandoned. You do not need to get permission if more than 2 weeks have passed without a response from the other player(s).
  3. Post here using the form below.
Claiming Credits
    Post below and use the form! Fill out everything on the form and BE CAREFUL. Make sure you get credit for everything, but also make sure you're not including OOC notes or counting up threads that are not actual roleplays.

    This will primarily work on an honor system. Don't pad your posts with inane gibberish, don't add a few extra numbers here and there, don't "accidentally" do your math wrong, don't quote half of your partner's posts to boost your wordcount (quoting a line or two of dialogue is fine), etc. Just write as you always have.

    Do not stress yourself out over it. We understand the occasional mistakes. However, if we find that you are definitely purposely cheating, Pherros says you get IP banned. I probably won't be that strict, but she has the power and I won't stop her if she chooses to do it. So there you go. Don't cheat.
Credits will not be counted if they do not meet these criteria so be careful.
  1. Word counts MUST be at the bottom of every post.
  2. Threads MUST be complete.
  3. Alternate Universe (AU) threads cannot be claimed against.
  4. You may count threads as complete if your RP partner(s) have not responded in at least 14 days and still receive credit for what you have posted.
  5. You may not claim credits for a thread that you abandoned for more than 14 days.
  6. A thread may also be counted as completed regardless of how much time has passed or who posted last if your partner stated they are leaving the site either temporarily or permanently.
Also, this is not a requirement, but it is very strongly suggested that you do not buy anything or transfer any credits between the time that you post your claim and your credits are updated. This changes the amounts you give and makes them harder to verify (and may result in you getting less credits that you should).

Follow the instructions on the form EXACTLY.

Post once for EACH character you are claiming credits for, on that character's account. You may combine multiple threads into a single post (with a form for EACH thread), but we ask that you no longer combine more than one character into a single post.

[center][color=Firebrick][size=7][b]Character Account Name[/b][/size][/color][/center]

[color=Firebrick][b]Link to thread:[/b][/color] [Link to the thread you want credit for.]
[color=Firebrick][b]Your Posting Order:[/b][/color] [Were you the first/second/third/fourth/etc. to post in the thread? This is very important. Only count the first post in that thread. For example, if it was a thread that you started, you would be the FIRST poster.  If it's a group thread and you joined after 3 other characters, you'd be the FOURTH, regardless of how many times they posted before you joined.]
[color=Firebrick][b]Credits Earned:[/b][/color] [Add up the wordcount for EACH of this character's posts and put JUST the total for the full thread here.]


[color=Firebrick][b]Total Credits Earned:[/b][/color] [Add up the credits for all the threads you are posting - Add a note for any bonuses here. Bronze VIPs, from now on please list your bonus as '+1' instead of 'x2'. The amount isn't changing, just the way it's written.]

Add this part where it says ADD MORE THREADS HERE above if you're adding more than one thread. Paste it once for every link you are adding.

[color=Firebrick][b]Link to thread:[/b][/color]
[color=Firebrick][b]Your Posting Order:[/b][/color]
[color=Firebrick][b]Credits Earned:[/b][/color]

CLEAN VERSION - Use this if you've been through claiming a few times and know the drill. It's just a version without all of the instructions.

[center][color=Firebrick][size=7][b]Character Account Name[/b][/size][/color][/center]

[color=Firebrick][b]Link to thread:[/b][/color]
[color=Firebrick][b]Your Posting Order:[/b][/color]
[color=Firebrick][b]Credits Earned:[/b][/color]

[color=Firebrick][b]Total Credits Earned:[/b][/color]

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