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 Available Slaves
 Posted: Nov 12 2014, 07:03 PM
- Admin -
PM or Discord if you have questions or need me for anything. ^_^


god of thunder
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guarding the heavens
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Available Slaves
This is where buyers may browse the slaves currently available at the Xenedrian Auction House. Please post below if you have a slave and are looking for a master for them. Please post to remove your slave from this list once they have been claimed by a Master.

Please follow the instructions written in caps on the code, then delete the instructions in brackets. Do not worry about the parts of the code that are not listed below. Also delete the asterisks.

The 250x300 still image you'd like used. You may use the one on your app if you like. Even more importantly than anywhere else, the image HAS to be the right size because otherwise it doesn't fit the box. Use the tutorial or request an image change in the Free Image Resizing shop.

Slave Name:
Age . Slave Group . Species . Sexuality .
Link to Bio:

[code*] [color=#642a2a][b]Master Preference:[/b][/color] [MASTER GROUP or GROUPS YOU'D PREFER OR 'ANY']<br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Personality:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Value:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Obedience Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Skill Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Sexual Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>

Slaves who are not actively RPing will be removed from this list.

Criixuut K’mm’r

122 . Companion . Djannari . Homoflex . profile

Master Preference: Any

Slave Personality: Criixuut is a slave who will do whatever he wants when not given any restrictions. He doesn't really feel like serving anyone he doesn't like. When content and in favor of a master he will be more lenient to obeying orders. If he dislikes the master, he will be stubborn, fight and defy until he's too tired to fight back and do what is asked.

Slave Value: Basic household skills, exotic species, good singer and can play a variety of instruments, knows how to run a business

Obedience Level: Moderate

Skill Level: Moderate

Sexual Level: Moderate

Casimir Frost

41 . Slave . Human . Bisexual . profile

Master Preference: Any

Slave Personality: Angry and disobedient, Casimir is not above violence to oppose anyone who claims to be his master.

Slave Value: None?

Obedience Level: Low

Skill Level: Low

Sexual Level: Low

Xhajilx Fraix

20 . Masochist . Altawex . Straight . profile

Master Preference: Sadist

Slave Personality: Terrified, talkative, though likely to be obedient if she can understand what’s going on.

Slave Value: Cooking (well, except that she won’t recognize any ingredients from around Xenedria, or know anything about the dietary needs of her owner’s household), cleaning

Obedience Level: It really depends on her owner, and how well she’s able to understand orders. Early on, she’ll mostly just be terrified over what’s going on.

Skill Level: She picks things up quickly, and she knows well how to cook a lot of Rhylo foods, but she won’t know much about such things here. She’ll clean plenty well, though.

Sexual Level: Low

Zivenya Moon

19 . Slave . Human . Unsure . profile

Master Preference: Any, preference for those who enjoy corruption

Slave Personality: Zivenya is deeply unhappy with her present circumstances. Slavery was not - and would never be - her choice. At the same time, she's been left completely alone on a planet she has little practical knowledge of and is terrified of what might happen to her should she attract the wrong kind of attention. While she doesn't want to be a slave, she also doesn't want to suffer the potentially disastrous consequences that could come with acting against her future master's wishes. She would be reserved, quiet, and compliant, but not eager in any sense of the word.

Slave Value: She is highly intelligent, a quick study, and can easily take to any task that relies on logic or critical analysis. She'd completed an education course with a focus on biology - Xenobiology specifically - and had just started Shadowing a scientist in the field when she was sold to the Slave House. Aside from that, the lack of parenting in her childhood meant she had to learn how to keep a house in order on her own and has a fair amount of skill when it comes to domestic work.

Obedience Level: High - Zivenya would be highly obedient due to fear of punishment.

Skill Level: High - her work ethic, domestic skills, competence, ability to follow orders, and her expansive knowledge of many subjects would make her an excellent assistant to an academic type or addition to any household that required a diligent keeper. The only artistic talent she's cultivated is playing the piano, which she's mastered on a purely technical level. She lacks the emotional flourish that would be expected of a true musician. Her singing voice is sweet and melodic, but untrained and rarely used.

Sexual Level: Low - she's a virgin, entirely inexperienced in sex and romance because it was not a priority for her, even as she got into the hormonal teen years. If her owner wanted sex from her, she wouldn't resist, but she'd likely be too scared and humiliated to derive any real pleasure from it unless they were particularly attentive or determined.

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Zoeci Attiy'ko
 Posted: Jul 30 2018, 11:04 AM


 - Age -
- Species -
- relationship status -
Slave - Mechanic
- occupation -
- slaves -
Monica Clements
- master -
Bisexual - Male Lean
- orientation -

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Please complete your form exactly like this

user posted image

Slave Name: Zoeci Attiy'ko
26 . Toy . Sholren - Kon . Bisexual .
Link to Bio: http://xenedria.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=14281

[color=#642a2a][b]Master Preference:[/b][/color] ANY <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Personality:[/b][/color]  Zoeci couldn't be much more than himself, even as a slave. He doesn't care for the idea of not having his freedom, since his species thrives on it, and he'd never felt restrictions on him even when growing up... but it doesn't seem as horrible as everyone wants to make it out to be. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Value:[/b][/color] Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Repairs, Singing <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Obedience Level:[/b][/color] Moderate - Zoeci may obey simply to see what happens, but may at the same time refuse just to see what happens then. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Skill Level:[/b][/color] Moderate - for the right Master, sex and mechanics wise he's bound to be a notch above, cleaning and repetative menial tasks? not so good. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Sexual Level:[/b][/color] High <br><br>

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