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 Available Slaves
 Posted: Nov 12 2014, 07:03 PM
- Admin -
PM if you need me. I check PM far more often than I hang around the cbox and you're likely to get me faster. I do not use Skype any more.


god of thunder
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guarding the heavens
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Available Slaves
This is where buyers may browse the slaves currently available at the Xenedrian Auction House. Please post below if you have a slave and are looking for a master for them. Please post to remove your slave from this list once they have been claimed by a Master or else there will be a delay in processing the sale.

Please follow the instructions written in caps on the code, then delete the instructions in brackets. Do not worry about the parts of the code that are not listed below. Also delete the asterisks.

The 250x300 still image you'd like used. You may use the one on your app if you like. Even more importantly than anywhere else, the image HAS to be the right size because otherwise it doesn't fit the box. Use the tutorial or request an image change in the Free Image Resizing shop.

Slave Name:
Age . Slave Group . Species . Sexuality .
Link to Bio:

[code*] [color=#642a2a][b]Master Preference:[/b][/color] [MASTER GROUP or GROUPS YOU'D PREFER OR 'ANY']<br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Personality:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Value:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Obedience Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Skill Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Sexual Level:[/b][/color] [COPY/PASTE FROM YOUR APP] <br><br>

Slaves who are not actively RPing will be removed from this list.

NOTE: ALL slaves in the pens OOCly cost 5000 credits to purchase.

Nifani Quintelle

24 . Pet . Human . Bisexual . profile

Master Preference: Caretaker

Slave Personality: Nifani is obedient and likes to please

Slave Value: Skilled dancer, well groomed, good etiquette, can cook and clean and bake.

Obedience Level: High

Skill Level: Moderate

Sexual Level: High

Delaney Tripp

24 . Toy . Human . Omnisexual . profile

Slave Personality: Delaney is a good boy, as long as you remember to tell him he is. He prefers praise but will act up if that is the only way he can get attention. Has a nasty habit of ignoring boundaries and finding loopholes in orders.

Slave Value:Delaney is the consummate entertainer. He dances, he sings, he juggles or preforms oral doing hand stands ... whatever will please his master. He is flashy and he likes being looked at, he'll do whatever he has to do keep his master looking at him.

Obedience Level: Moderate - Delaney prefers praise but if the only way he'll get the attention he craves is disobedience he will. Negative attention is better than no attention. He doesn't like being confined and if he's bored he'll go find something to entertain himself - he always comes back though.

Skill Level: High/Moderate - He is highly trained as an entertainer and as a sexual companion, has absolutely zero domestic skills. Can not cook, never had to clean.

Sexual Level: High - He's young and hotblooded, besides, sex and love are so easily confused.

Brithka Vaert

20 . Servant . Varo . Hetero-Flex . profile

Master Preference: Any

Slave Personality: Obedient, possessive, often needy.

Slave Value: Just her pure rarity, for one, and the fact that once she gets used to her new master she'll be about as loyal as is possible.

Obedience Level: High (Once she gets used to the idea of a master that's not who she was intended for)

Skill Level: Medium sexual skill, (Virginal, but with plenty of theoretical knowledge), basic housekeeping skills (She has no desire to perform these, but will if it is required of her). High gardening skills (Well, she is a plant, herself, after all)

Sexual Level: Medium desire

Biloxan Haern

37 . Masochist . Okul . Bisexual . profile

Master Preference: Sadist, lord, deviant

Slave Personality: Bilo hates slavery with a passion just as much as he hates people, so now as a slave he is angry and will refuse orders, and yes if he gets the chance he will attempt to steal and hide their valubles

Slave Value: he is pretty skilled at stealing

Obedience Level: Low

Skill Level: Low

Sexual Level: Low, he hates everyone

Josephine Hart

26 . Slave . Human . Autosexual/Pansexual . profile

Master Preference: Any

Slave Personality: Jo follows the letter of the law but not the spirit. She will obey an order but that doesn't mean she respects her master or mistress or that she'll go out of her way to respond to them. As long as she is given a purpose she is compliant but she is highly resistant to being used as an ornament or as simple entertainment. She needs to be useful.

Slave Value: Jo has basic domestic training from taking care of herself and her father as well as a through education in engineering and a life time's experience as a mechanic.

Obedience Level: Moderate. She will not defy a direct order.

Skill Level: High

Sexual Level: Moderate - Jo is as eager as any hot blooded young woman but her sexual partners in the past have mostly been of dubious consent and she's learned that no one is capable of getting your rocks off like you can. She'd much prefer to take care of her own needs because no one has to date been able to do it for her.

Tefraeus Vaittel

129 . Pet . Saedran . Pansexual . profile

Master Preference: Caretaker/Professional/Deviant/Lord

Slave Personality: She tends to be very loyal to her current master, though this loyalty can cause her to try and manipulate things into what's best or how she believes they should be. She's unlikely to ever flat out refuse to obey an order but if she feels like it's necessary she might try to circumvent it. Being a slave has done nothing to dampen her pride or personality.

Slave Value: A Loyal and Engaging companion. She also has experience running a home and assisting with business concerns, scheduling, and organization. She's a quick learner and will do pretty much whatever it takes to prove her worth and establish her place.

Obedience Level: Moderate/High - has the appearance of being highly obedient but at the same time attempts to get her own way as often as possible.

Skill Level: High

Sexual Level: High - While she finds sex enjoyable she mostly sees it as a tool.

Dante Marouso

25 . Worker . Human . Bisexual . profile

Master Preference: Lord, Professional, caretaker or slaver

Slave Personality:His loyalty remains solely to his master. If other non-slaves will try to command him he will refuse.(Unless the command was given that he should obey them by his master) He will on occasion question demands, when he views them as unnecessary or just stupid. The limits of what he can say and do are still vague for him

Slave Value: Hard worker, in good physical shape, good cook, basic combat knowledge, gives great lapdances, used to low living conditions.

Obedience Level: Moderate, will question odd commands. Does know what a yes or no is

Skill Level: Moderate as he's fairly new to being a slave

Sexual Level: High, not ashamed to show and use all his body assets

Ceraphina Bolshoi

21 . Slave . Human . Lesbian . profile

Master Preference: Mistress Deviant, Lord, Any

Slave Personality: Obstinate, rebellious, feisty, mouthy, sarcastic, disobedient. Yet she will do whatever is necessary to prevent her death or permanent injury. br>
Slave Value: Sexually innocent, virgin, attractive, intelligent, healthy, physically fit despite her own self-conscious beliefs and body shyness. If trained, could become a toy, pet, domestic servant, or manual laborer. br>
Obedience Level: Low. Probably very low because she would never do anything she didn’t like and hates being told what to do. br>
Skill Level: Low because of her absolute ignorance of what it is to be a slave. She is a fish out of water. She has no idea what is happening to her and she clearly doesn’t like it.

Sexual Level: Low because of her inexperience. She is also questioning her sexual confidence but is clearly certain she is lesbian.

Sparrow Lane

19 . Toy . Human . Heteroflexible . profile (nsfw link)

Master Preference: Any

Slave Personality: Sparrow is eager to please, desperate for praise and affection .... if she likes and/or respects her master. Obedient no matter the case, she can be quietly defiant but never outwardly. She has lived too long under another's thumb to consider her own autonomy beyond acknowledging she has likes and dislikes. She's fully aware her preferences don't matter and the only way she may show her dislike is through a decided lack of enthusiasm, never outright refusal.

Slave Value: Household management including budgeting and ordering of supplies, cooking, cleaning, hostessing, dance, singing, basic sexual training (highly proficient at oral)

Obedience Level: Moderate. She is highly unlikely to outright defy an order but she doesn't have to enjoy what she's told to do, and if she truly absolutely doesn't want to or she despises her master/mistress she may not do it correctly.

Skill Level: Moderate/High. She's been trained in several fields but she is a quick learner in what she does not currently know.

Sexual Level: Moderate/High. She is heteroflexible. She does not find most females attractive but she will perform as she is asked. She prefers males.

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Ma'el Val'enn
 Posted: May 30 2016, 07:53 PM
- worker -


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- slaves -
Y'Phaelas Lihovuun
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- orientation -

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Please complete your form exactly like this

user posted image

Slave Name: Ma'el Val'enn
90 . Toy . Eridani . Homosexual .
Link to Bio: http://xenedria.jcink.net/index.php?act=ST&f=3&t=8032

[color=#642a2a][b]Master Preference:[/b][/color] Deviant <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Personality:[/b][/color] Ma'el is not the cooperative sort. He believes himself above the station of a slave, and acts accordingly. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Slave Value:[/b][/color] Gifted with fire, beautiful, and latently kinky. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Obedience Level:[/b][/color] Low. He's definitely got the mentality of a 'spoiled prince'. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Skill Level:[/b][/color]  Low. He was raised in the lap of luxury. <br><br>
[color=#642a2a][b]Sexual Level:[/b][/color] High. He loves some good sex, though generally on his own terms. <br><br>

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