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Jul 28 2018, 05:42 AM

[dohtml]<BR><font style="font-size: 75px; font-family: cuprum; font-weight: 800; TEXT-SHADOW: 2PX 2PX 2PX #000; color: #300c4c;">R H Y L O</font><br>[/dohtml]

They just showed up one day...

Out of nowhere, really. At least, that's how it seemed to the people of Xenedria because they didn't know the backstory or what had happened. All they knew was that there was a very large, daunting looking ship in their orbit and a bunch of new aliens they had never encountered before walking around their streets and turning up in the slave houses. Aliens that seemed as out of place as they looked, who didn't seem to understand how things worked around here. They'd figure it out... eventually. Everyone does.


In orbit over Xenedria is a large ship like no one had ever seen before. It seemed to come out of nowhere, but where it really came from was that giant tear a few different groups of travelers had reported, about 25 light years away. A giant tear that cut across spacetime to another galaxy on the other side of the ever-expanding universe called the Rhylo Galaxy.

The leaders of the expedition, a species called the Veruans, had learned how to create wormholes and had decided to experiment with traveling here, not knowing what they would find. But they weren't the first through the wormhole. No, there was another group, on a smaller ship, who had come first and they were the second, who had come through only a month later, with plans to explore this galaxy for the next year and then travel back through the wormhole. But when they couldn't find the first ship, they tried to return home, only to find that all attempts to get back through the wormhole had failed.

Proud and not wanting to resort to asking for help from 'lesser' species, the Veruans intended to stay stealthed near the wormhole and work on ways to get home. However, that is when they started getting reports back from their scouts of some of their people turning up in cages and being sold to people of this galaxy for exorbitant prices as rare, one of a kind species.

The Veruans approached the Xenedrian government demanding their people back. They were told no. They made threats, including displaying their highly advanced technology, to which the Xenedrian government pointed out that one ship with fancy technology was no match for the might of the human, Eridani, Okul, and Saedran forces all put together. They compromised. The Veruans could put their ship in orbit around the planet and could do what they could to get their people back and try to figure out how to get back in the meantime, and they would share some of their technological advancements and discoveries with the Xenedrians.

A tentative deal was made.


Wave One: The first ship through the wormhole was a scout ship holding only about 50 people. It was small and stealthed and they did not believe they would have any issues with any other species they would encounter. Unfortunately, they encountered an Okul slaver vessel with just the right kind of cloaking detection to see them. Overconfident, unsuspecting, and unprepared, they were easily overtaken. The Okul slavers split the crew up and began to sell them to the highest bidders. The majority made their way to Xenedria.

Wave Two: An exploration science vessel with about 200 people on it came through about one month later. They expected to meet up with the scouting vessel, but it was nowhere to be found. They later discovered that crew members of the scouting vessel were being sold, primarily from Xenedria.

All members of the crew are accounted for, however they are currently 'stuck' in orbit around Xenedria. Not willing to hold their crew hostage, the Veruans have given their people free range to go to the planet's surface and explore Xenedria. They can return to their quarters and living spaces on the ship at night, but they've only been in orbit for a couple of weeks and some are already showing signs of not wanting to return to the ship. Xenedria is an exciting place with a lot of exciting new species and a completely different kind of culture and the appeal can be strong.


Players! You have the opportunity to make any of our now 24 different species, including 7 new species from the Rhylo galaxy, 2 species re-imagined and brought back, 1 species expanded and taken off hold, and 1 new Milky Way species!

Players who currently have an active, accepted character as of the time of this post may create and play characters from either Wave One or Wave Two. Players who did not have active characters as of the time of this post may create new characters that are a part of Wave Two.

Wave One: These characters were caught and captured by a group of Okul slavers. They were brought to Xenedria and may have been sold to the Slave House, the Warehouse, private buyers, or put up for auction. They are all currently enslaved and being sold to potential new buyers.

Wave Two: This is a group that had been prepared to be in this galaxy for a year, so there are 200 people on board who are everything from guards and security to scientists and engineers to entertainers and companions and so on. None of these are enslaved yet, but that doesn't mean they cannot or will not do something dumb and get themselves captured while exploring Xenedria. Some may also be enticed by the bright lights and exciting culture and decide that maybe they don't want to live on the ship any more or maybe they do, but they are enjoying leading a double life between being a responsible adult trying to figure out a way home on the ship, and getting a taste for what Xenedria is all about. Or maybe they are deeply dedicated to trying to get home and spending all of their time on the Xartyr, the Veruan ship. It's up to you!

There will be future waves as well, so we will just have to see what comes out of the wormhole next!

Jul 28 2018, 01:05 AM
[dohtml]<BR><font style="font-size: 75px; font-family: cuprum; font-weight: 800; TEXT-SHADOW: 2PX 2PX 2PX #000;">SPECIES LIST<br><p></font><br>[/dohtml]

    Major Species: This means the species is a dominant and major force in their galaxy
    Minor Species: This means the specie is not a dominant force and typically has to follow the stronger species'
    Extremely Common: You will see this species pretty much everywhere that spacefaring species are able to travel, they are on media like movies and shows, they are in books, every major galactic hub will have lots of this species there. Everyone knows of this species and has probably met many in their lifetime, even if they've never left their own homeworld (exceptions, of course). This species is crawling all over Xenedria and you won't be able to get around without seeing some of them.

    Very Common: A species you run into often, see in media, know about, and are likely to see at least a few of them when walking around a place like Achenar.

    Common: You'll definitely see them in major space hubs and places like Xenedria, though you may not see them quite as much on other homeworlds.

    Rare: You probably won't see these guys except in places like Xenedria where so many species come together or are brought by merchants and slavers. It's probable that you'd never run into this species unless you were in a place like Xenedria.

    Very Rare: There are only a handful of them around, even on Xenedria, and it's likely most people haven't ever encountered one.

    Extremely Rare: This species is virtually unheard of and the only ones on Xenedria are the actual played characters. There are so few of this species there are no NPC versions of them. If your character has not physically RP'd with one, they have never met one and probably don't know anything about the species.
Jul 25 2018, 05:40 PM

[dohtml]<BR><font style="font-size: 75px; font-family: cuprum; font-weight: 800; TEXT-SHADOW: 2PX 2PX 2PX #000; color: #300c4c;">R H Y L O</font><br>[/dohtml]

Coming Saturday, July 28th
May 21 2018, 02:04 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not on this list and you feel it should be (even if you already know the answer) please post it below and we'll get it added!

Account Creation

No, OOC accounts are a special benefit for those who have contributed to the site by purchasing site credits through the Credit Shop. You may, however, still link subaccounts to whatever you choose to use as your Main account.

Please write your character's name in normal caps, i.e. Bob Smith. Make sure to check the Who's Who to make sure you are not using names that are already taken or too similar to existing names on the board. If you decide to change your character's name, just go to My Controls > Change Name.

Character Creation

You can create two characters to begin with. After that, you may create one new character each month, or purchase a Character Slot from the Site Store for 5000c.

More to be added soon!
May 18 2018, 03:00 PM
Hey guys!

So I've only gotten a couple of plots ideas and they are awesome, but I'd really love to have *at least* 5 ideas before I put them up for a vote, so I'd love for more of you to PM me with your thoughts (please send via PM, not Discord).

Keep the following in mind:

* The plot MUST be inclusive for all players on the board to participate in it if they want to with characters of any member group

* The plot MUST allow for players to NOT participate if they don't want to, while still being a part of the same timeline. For example, our last big plot was a natural disaster so anyone who didn't want to participate only had to say their character was not affected by the disaster.

* The plot CANNOT center around your own character or any player's character. It should be entirely equal-opportunity. This means it can't take place at your character's home or business, or where they are in any way the center of it.

* We may adjust your plot slightly to make it fit the board rules and requirements prior to putting it up for a vote. However, we may allow you to be involved in organizing as necessary, so just let us know if you're interested in helping with any organization that may be necessary (though the less organization needed, beyond individual plotting, the better).

I'd love to put these up for a vote Monday, so get them to me soon!
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