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Primarily settled by Humans, Thundervale lies along a gorgeous jagged coast with rolling hills and a spectacular view of the sea beyond. Humans favor modern technology overall and have a large city that is open and welcoming to anyone of any species. There are several farms, suburban areas, and open spaces for those who live or visit to enjoy.

Subforums: Antares' Compound, La Maison de Chats, Clark Mansion

15 225 Today at 08:55 am
In: Search & Rescue
By: ♔Adonis Seacrest

Lei'rhan is the forest lands settled primarily by the Eridani people. They favor the lush and natural, preferring magic over technology and architecture that is one with the natural world around them, though some people still utilize technology in these areas.

3 23 Aug 13 2018, 05:41 AM
In: Wanderer
By: ♔Enthirganonn

The settlement of the Okul people is located on a high desert mesa, overlooking the vast expanse of sands and dunes beyond. The architecture is primarily practical, like the Okul, and is mostly made of stone. They favor modern technology.

9 230 Today at 01:17 pm
In: A Little Something New (X)
By: Uchali Reechal

Sekyr is built as the base of an active volcano nestled in a long mountain ridge. This area was settled by the Saedrans who favor dark, sharp angled architecture and an even mix of arcane magic and modern technology.

Subforums: The Voice of Parliament, Niztus Estate

8 157 Aug 13 2018, 01:42 PM
In: House Call
By: Slyna

Antas is a city built beneath the planet's surface, populated by those with a preference for the cool and soothing underground. Their technology is modern.

Subforums: Emeralthi Mansion

3 20 Today at 05:02 am
In: Begging for a Break [XV]
By: Nesidre Sela
Other Areas

Other areas on Xenedria settled by other species, by mixed groups, or largely unsettled. This forum covers any area not covered above.

6 200 Yesterday at 02:19 pm
In: Midnight Ride
By: ♔Jhvellik Veri

A lot of things can happen when traveling across Xenedria, other planets, or in open space. This is where travel threads can be thrown when they primarily take place while moving from one place to the next. This also includes spaceports and public transportation using the Xenedrian Shuttle System.

Subforums: Planetary Vehicles, Spacefaring Vehicles, The Black Dawn, The Prometheus

9 184 Today at 04:23 pm
In: Steal Fire From The Gods (V)
By: ♔Autumn Ridgeway

The massive ship of people from the Rhylo galaxy. With a very sleek, Enterprise feel, this ship has multiple levels, crew quarters, entertainment areas, holodecks, a garden, large mess halls, a bar, medical center, science labs, and so on. It is where the majority of Rhyloans currently live and is currently in orbit around Xenedria.

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