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Alexander Clark


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Aug 13 2018, 01:02 PM
After completing Rixloagh's purchase, Alexander called a private transport to come pick them up, timing it so the transport would be waiting for them by the time they gathered themselves and exited the Slave House. By the time they had left the building, Alexander was already ushering his slave into the waiting car. He gave his home address to the driver and they started off.

While they traveled toward Rixloagh's new home, Alexander couldn't stop staring at his newest acquisition. He kept touching Rixloagh's hair, almost as if he didn't believe his own luck or that any of this was possible. He had only had human slaves in his household up until now, but now he had an adorable Enfys to keep him company, and Rixloagh's previous comment on hoping to be in Alexander's company for more than just thunderstorms had not been lost on the young Lord, and his mind was already racing at the pleasurable thought.

"We're here now," he announced suddenly as the transport pulled up to his mansion, looking out the transport window before turning his gaze back to Rixloagh. "What would you like to do first? Go inside and have me show you around? Did you want to shower and change? Or would you rather me show you around outside? Or," he asked before pausing in an over-dramatic fashion and finishing with, "would you like to meet the horses?" He didn't know how eager the Enfys was to see and meet the equines, but he wanted to give Rixloagh the option of that as well as the options for other activities.

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