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Alexander Clark


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Nov 20 2017, 11:03 PM
Alexander was happy so far with his first slave purchase from the Pens. He hadn't really known what to expect from the experience in the first place, but he had walked away pleasantly surprised. And he hoped Callum had, too. At the very least, the younger man seemed excited to be going with him, if his previous actions and the stupidly silly grin which he wore were any indication in the positive. Truth be told, Alexander himself was holding in his emotions, keeping up a more stoic front while still showing kindness and benevolence to the younger man. He didn't want to give away too many of his feeling right away. He didn't feel it was right to gush over Callum like a simpering fool. They still had their (albiet new) relationship as Master and slave - no more, no less. He certainly already felt feelings for the slave, but he dared not to show them this early on for fear of coming off as weak. His parents had told him all his life that not being able to carry on the Clark family name by marrying a woman to bear him sons was an undesirable thing, and their cynical voices echoing in his head were what currently kept him from expressing his feelings. He put it off as feelings of lust, although Callum had spoken of not being adverse to the idea. But no, must keep a professional air to start, he reminded himself.

A private shuttle whisked them from the Slave House to Alexander's mansion situated along the Thundervale coast. From the exit of the shuttle and the entrance to the house, Callum had been slack-jawed and wide-eyed. Sometimes Alexander forgot that it wasn't normal for most people to have a house like his growing up or have parents who could buy him his own house this large on a whim, but there was a deep pang of realization when he saw the younger man's face. Throughout the house tour, Alexander explained things to a mostly quiet and shy Callum who simply nodded along to most questions while asking the occasional one or two of his own. The tour went well enough, with the young Lord showing his newest acquisition the different rooms, telling him what might be required of him in each room--laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.--before finishing the tour back at the front of the house in the living room.

Now was the moment of truth as to which room Callum would pick for the night. Alexander would offer him two different options and not pressure him into each, but wait and see what the younger man chose. Clearing his throat, the Lord looked down at Callum and told him, "You'll have to sleep in that for one more night, I'm afraid," motioning at the slave outfit Callum still wore. Not only could Alexander not offer Callum clothing to borrow for the night (it wouldn't be proper for a slave to wear his Master's clothes, after all!) but they most certainly wouldn't fit the younger man who was almost half a foot shorter than Alexander himself. "We'll take your measurements in the morning and get you some custom-made clothing," he explained. Alexander only expected the best from his slaves, starting with the way they dressed. "Now, there are two options for where you will sleep, and the choice is yours," he started, giving Callum a pointed look that also spoke volumes about the fact that there was no pressure to please him if he truly didn't want it. "You can have a room all to yourself, or you can share my bed with me, in whatever capacity you wish." The offer was there, so now Callum only had to choose, and Alexander watched him curiously as he waited for the younger man to decide.

((OOC: Permission given for how Callum would act during the scene.))


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