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 Diana Garrett, Female Human Sadist
♔Diana Garrett
 Posted: Aug 10 2018, 08:31 AM
give it up, do as i say // give it up and let me have my way


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Full Character Name: Diana Naomi Garrett
Name Pronunciation: -
Master Type: Sadist
PlayBy / Character Name / Artist: Amiyah Scott

Age: 32
Species: Human
Gender: Trans woman
Orientation: Pansexual
Eye Color: Dark Brown, though she occasionally plays with lighter shades using contacts
Hair Color: Black, bleached or dyed as her whims dictate
Height: 6'1"

Personality: As a child, Diana was spoiled far more than she ever should've been. Her family was the owner of a popular jewelry store and ended up with more credits than they knew what to do with due to good publicity from high profile buyers. They were all big spenders and Diana inherited their materialism. She's fascinated by beauty in all its forms. As such, her home is filled with eclectic collections of art, exotic pets, and luxury items for the wealthy. She has a keen eye for detail which makes her good at her job, but it also makes her a harsh critic, both of herself and others. Diana has no tolerance for incompetence or buffoonery - if she thinks you're not good enough to be in her social circle, you'll know right away. At the same time, she knows how to charm people and can hold her tongue even when she wants to make a snide comment. She can be vindictive, bitter, petty, and spiteful when she's crossed. With those she considers equals and friends, she is supportive (well, as much as she's capable of being) and unerringly loyal. There's a pro for almost all of her cons, making her a double edged sword of a person.

Likes: Aesthetically pleasing people and things, making power movies in her personal or professional life, thinking outside the box, experimental art, being pampered.
Dislikes: Anything she deems tacky or cheap, being told 'no', disobedience, disorganization, sloppiness.
Strengths: Decisive, assertive, creative, cunning, keen business sense, manipulative.
Weaknesses: Vain, impatient, unforgiving, quick to judge, capricious, weak to pretty things.
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Bondage, spanking/paddling/flogging, punishment, slapping, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, over stimulation, toys, dubious/coerced consent, begging, crying, humiliation (verbal, sexual), pet play, mommy/daddy kink, bareback/creampies, facials, cum play, wax play, pain play, piercing her slaves with custom made jewelry, branding with tattoos, cock warming, body worship (receiving), rough sex (anal, oral, vaginal). The whole nine yards.

Profession: Jeweler
Why Are They on Xenedria? Born and raised there. Left to become a Professional and travel for a while, but returned help manage the family business.
Where Do They Live? Thundervale, a modern complex that double as an art piece, built into the coast, on a sprawling estate.

The doctors congratulated Diana's parents on the birth of a healthy baby boy, but by the time she was old enough to express herself, it was clear that 'boy' was not an accurate descriptor for her. Ultimately, her parents raised no fuss over how she chose to present herself or who she wanted to be. Regardless, she was their child and a daughter suited them just as well as a son did. Whatever she wanted or needed from them, they gave freely. She got the best of everything and became a vain, spoiled little girl because of it. Such an attitude was the norm in her family and in the families they associated with, so no one ever really checked her. There were spats and fights, but nothing could ever knock her down a peg.

While Diana's parents indulged her every desire, they also wanted to make sure that they weren't raising a vapid, do nothing, layabout. There were plans for her to take over the family business from even before she was born, and her parents wouldn't have them derailed by ignorance and laziness. She had the best education terminal and private tutors credits could buy, and they made sure that she stuck to her studies until she was eighteen.

After finishing her school courses - she'd focused on math and economics - Diana took a quick break to have the treatment she needed for the body she wanted. Diana knew she didn't need curves or breasts or soft, feminine features to be a woman, but that was the aesthetic she chose to adopt. It wasn't complicated; a simple in and out visit at a medical facility took care of everything and that was that. By her choice, the only part of her body that remained untouched were her genitals. Vaginas were beautiful things, but she didn't want one, didn't need one to make her feel secure in her womanhood. Also, the idea of medical types messing around down there with and kind of surgical technology skeeved her out even if it was perfectly safe.

Once she'd gotten used to the changes she'd undergone, she went off planet to stay with some family friends while she Shadowed a businessman her parents were linked to. The maths and calculations and graphs involved never stopped being tedious, but she developed a practical business sense over the course of a few years.

By the time she was in the later half of her twenties, Diana was officially a Professional, qualified to start taking the reigns of the business back home if she wanted to. For a while, though, she was more interested in taking an extended vacation, planet hopping in pursuit of all the pleasures she'd never gotten to indulge in. She didn't settle back in on Xenedria until her parents tapped her to oversee the opening of another branch of the business. With some reluctance, she packed up her not insignificant amount of bags and took a ship back to real life.

With new responsibilities on her shoulders, Diana began to think about acquiring help that could serve her every need, business and otherwise. She's had her eye on the Slave House for a while and plans to see if she can pick up some useful eye candy when she has the time.

New Master? Yes; she was raised with them around but has never wanted any of her own until now
Master Personality: To Diana, slaves are pretty baubles to show off, if they're good enough. They're also an outlet for her frustrations, there to use as she sees fit. If a slave proves to be obedient and loyal, she'll dote on them in her own way.
Treatment of Slaves: Diana is a mixed bag. Sexually speaking, an overwhelming part of what she likes involves being sadistic. Humiliating and hurting her slaves - and training them to like it - would bring her great pleasure. She's not particularly concerned about matters of consent, but prefers to use words rather than force to get her slaves where she wants them. If they're overly resistant, she won't hesitate to get rougher. She likes leaving marks and bruises, and is highly possessive of her property. Part of that possessiveness also dictates that she makes sure they're cared for after she puts them through the wringer. Diana has no interest in doing irreversible damage; a battered slave would hardly be fit to show off. She never feels guilty about what she does during sex or punishment, but she does reward good behavior with lavish gifts, and generally her slaves would want for nothing.
What kind of master will they be: As a mistress, Diana has two concerns: pleasure and business. She'd want slaves with the skill set to assist her in her work and slaves she could take to bed. Slaves who fit both niches would get preferential treatment.
Discipline Level: High - when Diana gives an order, she expects it to be followed. Her rules are non negotiable. Any attempts at rebelling would be met with swift and harsh punishment.
Violence Level: Moderate - High - outside of sex, Diana employs a fairly delicate touch. However, if she's frustrated for any reason, her first impulse would be to lash out at the nearest available slave.
Sexual Level: High - she likes sex, and she'll get it however she wants it.

Uses for Slaves: Shop attendants, jewel cutters/setters, pleasure
Types of slaves preferred: Toys, Masochists, Pets - but, really, any slave who knows what they're doing or can learn how to do the job they're need for quickly.
Obedience Level: High - there's little Diana hates more than being challenged or disobeyed. She does enjoy forcing a slave into proper submission, but if it takes too long she'll lose interest.
Skill Level: Moderate - High - she has no problem teaching a competent slave the tricks of her trade, but she's not looking for someone who'll just sit around looking pretty. If she has no use for a slave, she'll cut them out of her life and make them someone else's problem.
Sexual Level: Any - she doesn't mind breaking in virgins or purchasing slaves with experience. She also doesn't particularly care if they fully consent or not.

Alias: Posie
18+?: Yes
Join Date: August 9, 2018
# of Characters: 1
Bonuses or Addons: -
Timezone: EST
Sexual Comfort Level: High
Violence Comfort Level: High

Face Claim Link: http://xenedria.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=13&view=findpost&p=79832
Who's Who Link: http://xenedria.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=2162&view=findpost&p=79834
Completed Mini Profile: Yes
Correctly Sized Avatar?: Yes

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 Posted: Aug 10 2018, 02:14 PM
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god of thunder
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guarding the heavens
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Welcome to Xenedria!

You have been ACCEPTED as a Sadist Master!

As a new Master, you will want to check out this information about Buying Slaves.

You may also want to look through the plotting forum, to join or post open threads, or to contact other players (by PM or via Discord) who have characters you're interested in writing with.

Good luck and please contact either Antares or Pherros if you have any questions.

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