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Nifani Quintelle


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Jul 7 2018, 07:12 PM

Full Character Name: Nifani Quintelle
Name Pronunciation: Nif - arn- ie Quin- tell
Slave Type: Pet
Existing Master? Yes
Pre-Plotted? Yes
PlayBy / Character Name / Artist: Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 24
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5ft 6

Personality: Nifani is a quiet, gentle soul with an artistic streak who loves to read and paint. Other people's happiness, particularly that of her master or fellow slaves is important to her. She can be sensitive and take negative comments to heart. Initially shy Nifani opens up as she gets to know you and her trust once earned is repaid with loyalty and loving devotion.
Likes: Reading, painting, dancing, warm drinks, kindness, baking
Dislikes: Unnecessary cruelty, violence, raised voices, the cold, being hungry
Strengths: Compassionate, imaginative, friendly, obedient
Weaknesses: Naïve, sensitive, shy, secretive, overly inquisitive
Kinks and/or Fetishes: Virgin

Profession: Slave
Why Are They on Xenedria? To be Qy'Lyrr Ze'Vailo's slave
Where Do They Live? At the Overpoint with Qy'Lyrr Ze'Vailo

Nifani was born into slavery and sold as an infant to a mistress who could not have children of her own, however the mistress's love was short lived, once Nifani had grown out of her cute early years, she like the other two children in her care were sold on and the mistress repeated her cycle of buying young infants to love until she deemed them no longer cute and infantile enough - much like how some people might buy a puppy only to sell on once it became big.

However Nifani had learned to read during her time there and it would be the start of a life long obsession. Nifani's second master was a slaver who thought that Nifani would make him a profitable sale once she'd reached puberty. From the age of five to sixteen Nifani learned good etiquette, how to cook and as a reward for good behaviour her reading was encouraged and she was allowed to paint once it showed that she had a natural talent for it. Nifani's master firmly believed that the more skilled they were the more profitable the sale would be.

The slaver did not like to sell slaves younger than eighteen but he was offered a substantial amount of money for Nifani - enough for him to ignore the prickling at his conscience and so Nifani found herself sold again, this time to a man who could see by her bone structure and budding body that she was going to be a beauty.

Still he had no desire to ruin her at such a young age before she'd finished blooming. So her master had his other slaves teach her how to dance erotically, and had her dance at his establishment but she was never touched. When Nifani turned eighteen her master was denied the pleasure of taking her virginity by his new wife who felt threatened by having so many young and beautiful slaves both in and around their family home.

And so Nifani found herself sold again this time it was a female artist who bought her as a pet and companion, Nifani often found herself being the model and spent many hours posing whilst her mistress painted but in return she was given painting lessons and so her natural ability was developed further.

Unfortunately when Nifani was twenty one the mistress's long time lover finally proposed and moved in with them, but he had eyes for more than just the mistress. Flattering Nifani and showering her with praise he tried to seduce her and foolishly Nifani allowed him to kiss her, and it was whilst they were kissing that the mistress entered the room and naturally flew into a jealous rage. Of course her fiancé took no responsibility, insisting that Nifani had come on to him and it was purely a moment of weakness that didn't mean anything.

The result was that Nifani was sold again, this time an aged mistress bought her who needed help walking and someone to cook and clean for her. Nifani was very happy with her new mistress, and enjoyed reading to her in an evening but alas her mistress's fragile health caught up with her and she passed away peacefully in the night.

So Nifani found herself back in the pens awaiting yet another master or mistress and by some stroke of luck it seemed that fate would deal her yet another fortunate hand; of all the people that could have chosen to purchase her Nifani finds herself the property of Qy'Lyrr Ze'Vailo - a most kind and compassionate master, for the most part at least. Still new to his service Nifani is just settling in to her new life as his slave.

New Slave? No
Opinion of Slavery Accepts it
Slave Personality: Nifani is obedient and likes to please
Slave Value: Skilled dancer, well groomed, good etiquette, can cook and clean and bake.
Obedience Level: High
Skill Level: Moderate
Sexual Level: High

Ideal Master Type: Caretaker
Discipline Level: Any
Violence Level: Any
Sexual Level: Any

Alias: Red
18+?: Yes
Join Date: July 8th 2018
# of Characters: 2
Bonuses or Addons: N/A
Timezone: London/ Dublin
Sexual Comfort Level: High
Violence Comfort Level: High

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