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Theik Mar'kol


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Nov 14 2017, 02:20 PM
Theik Mar'kol

Full Character Name: Theik Mar'kol
Name Pronunciation: (optional)
Master Type: Slaver
PlayBy / Character Name / Artist: Clive Standen

Age: 36
Species: Okul
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Height: 6,5

Personality: Theik is a stubborn man at heart. When he sets his mind to task it will be achieved one way or another. Preferable with a big grin on his face as he finds his own solutions rather enjoyable. All of this combined with a calculating mind behind the facade of impulsive behavior. Even further under that facade is a soft man who likes sappy romantic stuff and long cuddles on the couch.
Likes: Brawling, physical contact, slaves, cute things
Dislikes: Paperwork, Rain, long conversations
Strengths: Achiever, strong-willed, multi-tasker
Weaknesses: Overbearing, commitment issues, irresponsible
Kinks and/or Fetishes: power struggles, markings (secretly cuddling)

Profession: Slaver
Why Are They on Xenedria? His job for Shu-weet Shui’s Slave Sitting Service
Where Do They Live? Single bedroom apartment in the Emerald apartments

History/Background: Theik was born on one of the Okul colonies. The planet was rich of minerals and metals, with most settlers working there as miners. This was the same for his family, who had him help them out from an early age. The expected him to follow in their footsteps but Theik had different plans. He wanted danger and adventure. Get off the boring planet and see what the galaxy had to offer him.
His journey started slow working aboard one of the many cargo ships, that got to go into space. A new world opened to him as he met new species and new cultures. Everything was so fascinating to Theik. Some species were so weak yet so ambitious while others performed magic. He wanted to know more, learn and meet more species. Mingle with them, stroll through their living areas and taste their food. But every time he needed to return to his homeworld. It felt like a punishment for tasting a forbidden fruit. As if the universe was telling him, that there was no place for him among those curiosities.

He needed to get away from that, break the bonds that shackled him to his home planet. He found this opportunity in a group of slavers who travelled to all different planets, with their home base being Xenedria. A strong Okul was a welcome addition to their team. All they needed to do was show him the ropes of the business and he was settled. Turned out Theik made a very good slaver; strong, fast, intimidating and a good eye for quality. The only complaint was that he was a tad soft when it came to punishing. But that could easily be overlooked. At least his slaves arrived mostly undamaged to the pens.

He worked many years for this group until one by one they retired, or found new jobs that suited their aging bodies better. Theik went on as a freelancer, seeking new business ventures that have need of his service as a slaver. His recent contract is one with a mister Shui and the business ‘Shu-weet Shui’s Slave Sitting Service’.

New Master? No
Master Personality: Very playful and very overwhelming.
Treatment of Slaves: Depending on the race, he considers most very smart pets that you can teach tricks. The exceptions are fellow Ekols and magic-users who are ‘unfortunate fucks’ if they become slaves. Those who please him can expect to be spoiled rotten.
What kind of master will they be: While constantly toying and taunting them, he is a reasonable master(to his personal slaves) He will not use unnecessary violence unless the slave is really out of line. Providing them with all their basic needs and if they get on his good side often little extra’s.
Discipline Level: Moderate, Theik loves spirit in his slaves. But all must understand when he is fooling around and when he is serious.
Violence Level: Low, only uses violence when he feels words are of no use.
Sexual Level: High, but finds a slave that can only kick and scream a nuisance to sleep with.

Uses for Slaves: First and foremost companionship. Second daily chores and last for pleasure.
Types of slaves preferred: Pet, Servants and regular slaves. The one he chooses will be there to keep him company and make his private life overall easier. Okul slaves are a NO for him
Obedience Level: Moderate, but not broken or overly obedient.
Skill Level: Any, skills they do not possess can be taught.
Sexual Level: High, prefers them willing

Alias: Zhazha
18+?: Yes
Join Date: 16 October
# of Characters: 2
Bonuses or Addons: /
Timezone: GMT +1
Sexual Comfort Level: High
Violence Comfort Level: High


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Who's Who Link: http://xenedria.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=2162&view=findpost&p=70804
Completed Mini Profile: Yes
Correctly Sized Avatar? Yes (credit for Manip to khal)

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