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Mercer Amsterdam


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Apr 9 2018, 03:44 PM
Mercer had not slept particularly well. He had at first, the lethargy that had gripped him after venting his fury on Elora had sent him into a deep, deep sleep, but no more than a few hours later he would wake up, turn over a few times and then doze fitfully for a while before repeating. So it was no particular surprise for Elora to find that he’d woken up early, what may have been was what greeted her when she did.

“Wake up Sweetness,” Mercer said, his voice extremely close to her. Just how close he was was revealed when he kissed her forehead and smoothed the hair back on top of her head. He’d cooked, which was obvious from the smells that filled the apartment. It was a veritable feast, not just the omelettes he usually made when he did breakfast but ham, some kind of thick grainy bread, fruit that had been cut up and arranged into artful patterns around the edges of both plates, and what looked like oatmeal heavily laden with spices.

He stood back up straight and smiled indulgently down at her. Before he’d woken her he’d taken stock of the ‘damage’ he’d done to her in his rage, the bruises were easy to see, but it was difficult to know how badly he’d bashed her mentally. He remembered… mostly, but it was really a bit of a blur from the moment he hurled that glass across the room until he’d woken up. But he knew what had happened easily enough, it hadn’t been the first time he’d lost his temper and taken it out on her and he was at least self-aware enough to know that it wouldn’t be the last; which is why she’d not get a promise from him not to do it again… it just would’ve been lying to himself. But that didn’t mean he didn’t feel bad about it, and so he’d decided to make at least some form of apology.

For some reason that he’d never bothered to explain, Mercer never seemed to wear a shirt when he cooked. Part of that could simply have been the fact that he really only ever cooked breakfast… come to think of it Elora had never seen him cook anything else, perhaps that was all he had cooked during that phase of his life? Whatever the reason he seemed to have a broader range of knowledge with that meal than he’d displayed so far. “Come on then, I also managed to find something else I think you’re really going to like.”


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