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Auction Block

The weekly slave auctions are a big draw of buyers from all over the galaxy where all slaves currently in residence at The House are brought out for buyers to bid on. These are occasionally put on ICly by the staff, but you are welcome to RP being a part of one (as buyer, seller, or observer) at any time.

1 2 Jul 30 2017, 03:52 PM
In: Auctions Information
By: Antares
The Pens

The Slave House is capable of housing thousands of slaves at a time. Most are kept in reinforced non-metal cages in long rows in a large warehouse. Slaves get clean cells that gets regular attention and they get fed regularly. They can interact with those around them (and you are welcome to RP this). Buyers are also allowed to wander through and browse or buy.

54 328 Today at 05:42 pm
In: for better or worse, this i...
By: ♔Jaylen Dixon

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