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Admin Posts & Updates
Important Announcements, Credit Opportunities, Staff Openings, etc. can be found here. Check regularly.

13 116 Aug 18 2016, 03:46 AM
In: Open Threads!
By: ◇Ashton Vano◇
Xenedria RPG Info
Information about the site and the RPG are located here. This forum includes the Rules, Site Plot, and Newbie Guide. This also contains The Directory with detailed reference information about site canon for existing players.

Subforums: The Directory

15 6 Oct 7 2015, 08:49 PM
In: C-box Rules
By: Jace
Lists & Claims
The various claims and helpful lists can be found here.

4 218 Yesterday at 11:50 pm
In: Who's Who
By: Skylar Graeme

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Includes needed information about species and character creation as well as application forms and submission.

Subforums: Species, Pending Apps

9 27 Yesterday at 11:45 pm
In: Skylar Graeme
By: Skylar Graeme
Everything you need to get started plotting or find exactly what you are looking for. Also includes player profiles to get to know individual players.

Subforums: Want Ads, Plotters, Player Profiles

176 541 Yesterday at 02:19 pm
In: Narie's Thread Tracker
By: ♔Rinko Hoshino
Character Profiles
Existing character applications can be found inside and are now part of your character profiles. Applications can be edited however you like, including alterations to coding and updates. YOu can also add new posts and replies to your profiles and include things like trackers, photo albums, playlists, etc. This forum is Restricted, so NSFW content is allowed here.

Subforums: Masters, Slaves, Neutral

391 417 Yesterday at 11:53 am
In: Justine Vanquish
By: Pherros

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Auction Block

The weekly slave auctions are a big draw of buyers from all over the galaxy where all slaves currently in residence at The House are brought out for buyers to bid on. These are occasionally put on ICly by the staff, but you are welcome to RP being a part of one (as buyer, seller, or observer) at any time.

1 2 Nov 26 2015, 03:30 PM
In: Auctions Information
The Pens

The Slave House is capable of housing thousands of slaves at a time. Most are kept in reinforced non-metal cages in long rows in a large warehouse. Depending where a slave is put they may be in a cleaner cell that gets regular attention and they get fed regularly. Others may be in the less clean areas that sometimes get neglected. They can interact with those around them (and you are welcome to RP this). Buyers are also allowed to wander through and browse or buy.

81 499 Today at 04:11 am
In: New Beginnings
By: ♔Milixin Hosura

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Everything from mansions overlooking the greater Achenar area to tiny apartments in the heart of the city, the residences are where the people of Achenar live.

Subforums: Overpoint, Outskirts, The Neighborhood, Emerald Apartments & Condos, Achenar Hotel

100 1402 Today at 04:26 am
In: Peaches and Cream (X,possV)
By: ♔Milixin Hosura
Streets & Alleys

The areas between the areas. A lot can happen on the streets.

Subforums: The Golden Lily

13 97 Aug 7 2016, 08:45 AM
In: lost and found (poss. xv)
By: Tiikuchahk Qestia
Shopping & Arts Apex

All of the many places one may enjoy spending time in the city from shopping centres to opera houses.

Subforums: Yhai Office Complex, Shops, Sheran Museum, Mannik's Merchandise

39 277 Yesterday at 09:51 pm
In: A day with Miss Bunny
By: ♔Rinko Hoshino
Night Life

Bars, dance clubs, dungeons - just about everything fun there is to do after the sun goes down.

Subforums: The Lair, The Arena, Clubs & Bars, Temptations

74 695 Yesterday at 07:15 pm
In: Stressed Separation [X]
By: ♔Ishida Urahara
Public Areas

All public services can be found here, including the hospital and the ever-important jail cells as well as the publicly maintained areas like parks and recreation.

Subforums: Achenar Alori Hospital, Achenar Authority and Cells, Teolai Park, Warring Forces Bath House

19 135 Yesterday at 04:40 am
In: So what seems to.. HOLY FUCK!
By: ♔Tahlvarr Nykri

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Primarily settled by Humans, Thundervale lies along a gorgeous jagged coast with rolling hills and a spectacular view of the sea beyond. Humans favor modern technology overall and have a large city that is open and welcoming to anyone of any species. There are several farms, suburban areas, and open spaces for those who live or visit to enjoy.

Subforums: Antares' Compound, Sal'Sekirr Mansion, Rosario Estate, La Maison de Chats

40 707 58 minutes ago
In: Aftermath (X, V probably)
By: ♔Gideon Flynn

Lei'rhan is the forest lands settled primarily by the Eridani people. They favor the lush and natural, preferring magic over technology and architecture that is one with the natural world around them, though some people still utilize technology in these areas.

11 77 Aug 23 2016, 09:32 PM
In: Contact
By: ♔Tof’taka Ensha

The settlement of the Okul people is located on a high desert mesa, overlooking the vast expanse of sands and dunes beyond. The architecture is primarily practical, like the Okul, and is mostly made of stone. They favor modern technology.

Subforums: Aroon Grounds

7 40 Aug 14 2016, 05:42 AM
In: Floor'd Out and So Slow...
By: ♔El'rhim Drek'tch

Sekyr is built as the base of an active volcano nestled in a long mountain ridge. This area was settled by the Saedrans who favor dark, sharp angled architecture and an even mix of arcane magic and modern technology.

Subforums: The Voice of Parliament

5 76 Aug 23 2016, 05:19 AM
In: Questions and Training (XV)
By: Haep'zeph Deottaek

Antas is a city built beneath the planet's surface, populated by those with a preference for the cool and soothing underground. Their technology is modern.

Subforums: Emeralthi Mansion

7 66 Aug 18 2016, 05:46 PM
In: Dear Desperato
By: ♔Ishaerh Amenaru
Other Areas

Other areas on Xenedria settled by other species, by mixed groups, or largely unsettled. This forum covers any area not covered above.

Subforums: Mannik House

6 41 Yesterday at 10:10 pm
In: [E] And We Meet Again...(X)
By: ♔Tahlvarr Nykri

A lot of things can happen when traveling across Xenedria, other planets, or in open space. This is where travel threads can be thrown when they primarily take place while moving from one place to the next. This also includes spaceports and public transportation using the Xenedrian Shuttle System.

Subforums: Planetary Vehicles, Spacefaring Vehicles

8 131 Aug 23 2016, 11:59 PM
In: Assets
By: ♔Gideon Flynn

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info

It is possible to travel off-world and out into the wild blackness of space-yonder. Feel free to explore what else is out there here.

2 96 May 17 2016, 02:51 PM
In: Carpe Solem [XV]
By: Khathas Sihrol
Midnight Memories

Anything that has taken place in the past can be played out in this forum.

24 272 Today at 04:38 am
In: Your Soul For Mine (V,X)
By: Naux'xallo
Alternate Universe

A no-holds barred forum for literally anything you would like to RP. Want to turn tables and RP your slave as someone's Master? Want to create a plot in which your character takes over all of Xenedria? Go on a murderous rampage? Play out some super kinky fantasy that just wouldn't happen in canon? Have at it here and have fun!

58 829 Yesterday at 08:56 pm
In: In the Eye of Bosom (Tania, X)
By: Tania Vaughn

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Lounge
Stop by and say hello, sit down and have a discussion, ask questions or let us know if you've got to disappear for awhile.

Subforums: Introductions, Discussions, Still Here!

94 266 Yesterday at 08:57 pm
In: For Locke
By: Snitch 
Fun and useful things can be found in here such as games and galleries. This is also where you can create a shop or make requests in other people's.

Subforums: Games, Shops & Requests, Galleries

19 211 Today at 04:45 am
By: Khal
All completed and abandoned threads are moved here fore later reference. Threads can be pulled out of the Archives by asking a member of staff.

1677 22600 Aug 14 2016, 06:43 AM
In: I Can Cater To You[P1][P2]
Advertising & Affiliation
Advertising and Affiliation can be done in this forum. Guest Friendly.

Subforums: First Links [center], First Links [align=center], Linked Back

1925 676 Yesterday at 01:30 pm
In: milkshake!
By: Guest

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